Self-ride our easy steering handmade dogsled over a scenic 7 km well prepared course. 

You follow a snowmobile pulling a three person observation sled, they sit facing backward to watch and photograph your dogsled experience.(Great photo opportunity)

Your dogsledding adventure

Dogs are descended from wolves and carry the instinct to run in packs. A dogsled team really loves to run together. While being loyal, they will pull their hearts out for you, even if it is tough sledding. But what they enjoy most is a hard packed trail with enough dogs to pull the weight so they can run at full speed.  We have made our style of dogsledding to give our dogs what they enjoy most, a well packed trail, banked at the curves, and enough dogs on each team to pull the weight at a full run. To do this we had to improve the traditional dogsled, changing the joints to make it a very flexible and easy to steer sled. While it is an interesting experience to be a passenger on a dogsled, nothing can compare to riding one alone.

Our customers have ranged in age from six to eighty four, from athletes to the handicapped. After our training lesson, only about one person in twenty five falls off during a run.. Actually the majority of those are younger more active people, who I think didn't pay as much attention during the training session. And falling off is not a major problem in the snow, ask any skier or snowboarder how many times they fell while learning. Having twenty four dogs on our active list, allows us to match the team to the ability of the rider. From our fastest team of six young prime runners, who can exceed thirty kph, to a team of older more experienced dogs, who may top out at twenty kph, we match a team to what you can safely handle.