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Daniel's work in Japan

Hi, I'm Dan, a Canadian liviing for the last  19years in Japan

Hi, I'm Kyoko, originally from Kyushu but I've been in Hokkaido for #years

For Kyoko and me this is our 15th year of dogsledding and our 12th year of sharing our experience and enjoyment with others. 
We invite you to try dogsledding, a special Hokkaido winter sport.

We took up dogsledding as a winter sport in 1999, with just four dogs. On a minimal trail with steep hills it can be slow going.

we succumbed to the normal human desire for more speed and added more dogs. It got to be a lot more fun, and we started to give rides to our friends. And added more dogs.


I experimented with design changes to the dogsled to make it easier to ride. In 2003, we started dogsledding as a winter business. And added more dogs. 

During our 12th years in giving enjoyment to our dogs and our customers, we have made improvements and added service


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