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For Bus Riders

As you enter the bus, take a ticket from the dispenser for each person.

When you arrive in Takasu, you should see this building on the left side of the bus, thru the front doors on your left is a heated waiting room with toilets.

To pay as you leave the bus, there is a change dispenser and collection machine next to the driver, you can change a 1000¥ bill.

Or change a 500 or100¥ coin.

Deposit the correct fare with the ticket into the hopper

On your return to Asaikawa, if you are riding back to the train station your fare will be the same as when you arrived. If you are getting off sooner, to return to your hotel or other reasons, look up and to your left at the flat screen over the exit. As you were riding back from the end of the line, pay the largest amount shown on the screen

The fare from the Asahikawa bus station to Takasu is (¥510) per adult and (¥260) per child (1years~11years) years of age.

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